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The abundant natural beauty of Canada, with its stark contrasts and brilliant, vibrant colours, is what inspires me to paint and draw. I am captivated by the different moods that colors can evoke and by the way that my paintings continue to speak to me. Works by The Group of Seven have played a large part in the route I have chosen to follow.


I love humankind, in all its many moods, its beauty, its sadness, its joy, love success and failure, and I always try to incorporate the human form in my work.

Much of my inspired art is influenced by the centuries old Indian schools, the Mogul, Rajput and Madhubani styles. The importance to me of these styles is central to who I am and from where I originate. I paint court scenes and portraits learned from the old Indian schools.


My contemporary paintings are land and seascapes reflecting all seasons, and using all colours.  I try to incorporate at least one person in these works. There is also a strong graphic influence in some of my work which is a reflection of my early training and experience. As I see the world, humanity and colour are prominent.


My love of life and my appreciation of what is beautiful is reflected in my art and  my feelings for my subjects, colours and materials is coalesced in my paintings.


Anu Kalra


"Paint what you are, paint what you believe, paint what you feel."  - Ben Shahn


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